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Dear Annie,
It's a long newsletter this week, as there's heaps to report!  Make sure you read right to the bottom!

We had two wonderful evenings on the footpath recently, firstly with local author of "Thylacine Man", Noel Tuckey, and then with controversial Brisbane character, Antonio Bellino.  Some yummy nibbles, a couple of vinos and fabulous company - it's a great way to spend a couple of hours! 

Lyn and I also enjoyed a bit of African flavour with Sally Henderson at Noosa Library where she presented her wonderful new memoir "Ivory Moon".  I hope that Sally will grace our footpath later in the year!

Happy reading,
from Annie & Lyn

Paul MageeDon't forget our Poetry Evening with Professor Paul Magee this Wednesday.  Paul will read some of his poetry, including works from his volume of poetry "Cube Root Of Book".  Paul is also appearing at the Brisbane Writers Festival.





FREE OF CHARGE (indications of interest are appreciated for catering)

TANYA BATT - Storyteller
Tanya Batt
Tanya is a self-confessed story-o-phile and frock-o-holic.  A South pacific pirate princess, a black butterfly, a word warbler and story stitcher who channelled her childhood propensity for talking and her love of dressing up into a real "imaginary job". 

Tanya is a storyteller who is winging her way from the Land Of The Long White Cloud to present her talent for storytelling and her books and CDs at Annie's Books On Peregian!  We can guarantee an entertaining experience, and something quite fresh and new!  Tanya will also be holding  a storytelling workshop at Peregian Beach College on Monday 31st   August (phone 5448 1722 for info), and also an evening of adult storytelling at "Qom", Peregian Beach on Thursday 3rd September.  

TANYA BATT - Storyteller

TUESDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 4.30 - 5.30pm



"SUSANNA DE VRIES" - Females On The Fatal Shore
Females on the Fatal Shore 
Susanna needs little introduction.  She has written 13 books, mainly about women throughout Australian history.  Her "Blue Ribbons Bitter Bread" has been a bestseller for years, and her volumes of stories of great Australian women are accurate, informative and enjoyable. 

This latest book is the story of eleven significant women who sailed to Australia in the colony's foundling years. These tales of women triumphing over adversity document the early decades of our nation, and are interspersed with illustrations and letters, helping to bring the stories to life.  I have seen Susanna speak on numerous occasions - she is a font of knowledge, a great speaker and a wonderful guest.  Don't miss out!



WEDNESDAY 9Th September 9.00am


MORNING TEA - $10.00 per person - BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL (5448 2053 or call in)

Cooking for PleasureMatilda Scarfe's passion is cooking; beginning with her mother's recipes, she has developed a style so very African - a gourmet sensational experience.  The recipes often call for sauces or spices which can be found locally from selected outlets or  from her website  - 

Don't be afraid to create wonderful meals!  This book is a must for creative cooks who are still expanding their international cooking talents!  Matilda does Gourmet Cooking Safaris to South Africa and cooking classes at Buderim Ginger Factory.  Her book is on sale for $35.00.

"A WEEK AT SNUG BEND" by Gail Lefebvre
A Week at Snug BendImaginative animal characters of the Australian outback fill this adventurous children's tale that expertly weaves fun storytelling with valuable life lessons.  "A Week At Snug Bend" will become an important tool for parents and teachers alike to inspire children to follow their dreams and reach their full potential. 

Gail Lefebvre believes that young children have no barriers or preconceived ides of failure and never fear to dream.

Review by Colin Lawford
Black CockatooA book which has made a big impression on me and many others recently is "Riding the Black Cockatoo" by John Danalis.  It is a young adult title, but a book that I feel everyone should read, over the age of about 14 (a few words could offend, and there are scenes of descriptive brutality).  Colin Lawford, my ex-employer and very good friend, was also impressed by the book.   Here are his words.....

"I am delighted to say that "Riding The Black Cockatoo" is one of the most moving, well written, easy to read and educational books I have ever read.  Similarly, I think, to many Australians, I have always had a partially closed mind about the aboriginals' waste of their strengths and talents, and have tended to focus on their weaknesses which are well documented and highlighted by major media.

As a boy, John Danalis grew up with an Aboriginal male skull sitting on the family mantelpiece.  It was known to have been there for forty years, having been harvested by John's uncle at Swan Hill, Wamba Wamba country on the border of NSW and Victoria.  As John grew, he began to question why the skull was in his family's possession, and what they were going to do about it.  Finding out the history of the family artefact took John on an incredible journey of discovery.

This is an amazing love story.  Not the love of sexual achievement, but the love of belonging.  John's story takes us on a journey, a journey that is not always pleasant, but it is a voyage that forces us to open our eyes, look around and listen.

It is possible that, after reading this book, you will never be that same person you once were.  The story highlights compassion, tenderness, warmth and attachment for another human race, different to ours."

Review by Linda Grace
BROKEN FENCES by Camilla Noli
Broken FencesCamilla Noli has penned a new novel, "Broken Fences", which is very well worth the read.  In it she explores the perils of obsessive love knitted tightly with the danger of projecting our unresolved past onto others, especially our children,  The setting is a perfect green and safe suburbia, which is the complete antithesis to the wild storm in the mind of the main character, Clair.

 Noli has penned a succinct and gripping tale that any parent will recognise.  The novel starts with an attempted murder which creates a dark threat that lies closely behind each page.  I loved it, and tore through the book almost desperate to discover the resolution, if any.  (You may remember Noli's first incredible novel, "Still Waters")

Review by Annie
IVORY MOON by Sally Henderson
Ivory MoonThis is the second part of Sally Henderson's memoir, after "Silent Footsteps".  Sally and husband Jeremy take the opportunity to return to Africa in 2006, and stay for a few months, managing an extremely remote safari camp in Namibia.  Sounds wonderful, but Sally is faced with dangers environmental, animal and human as soon as she sets foot into this exotic and fantastic hell on earth. 

This is the story of a very strong, resilient and articulate woman who ventures into almost unbelievable situations, always with an eye for beauty, heartfelt compassion and an enormous love of this dark continent and all it contains.  I adored every single moment of this book!


Big congratulations to Ange Takats for winning the Q Song Encouragement Award for her song "Tip-Toes" from her album "Aniseed Tea".  Come in for a listen - Ange is an extremely talented and wonderful lady!


Congratulations also to local indigenous fashion designer Leearna Saunders (alias Blossom Betty) for taking out this year's Noosa Regional Gallery Travelling Scholarship.  Leearna will be running workshops in August and September where you can design your own original garments or accessories by learning various fabric printing techniques ranging from organic printing through to wood block and stencilling.  Book now and create your own eccentric femme attire! 

Phone Helen Barber on 5448 3947.

GRETEL KILLEEN & TONI JORDAN are coming to lunch!  Noosa Library is holding 3 course lunch at "Trio's On The River" on Thursday 17th September (11.30 for 12.00 midday).  It is excellent value at $36.00 per person, and what better place to while away the afternoon! 

Call the Library for bookings on 5442 4411.  Don't miss out!


Garry Robbins is a bloke, a male, a chap, a lad, and a gent - and he understands other blokes.  Garry has formed a business called "Bloke Works:  Men Enhancing Their Lives", where he uses a fresh common sense, down to earth and practical approach for men to use and further develop their own skills, wisdom, courage and strategies to enhance their lives and achieve their goals.  Blokes often need someone to talk to, and another bloke could be just the solution. 

Call Gary 0439 730 244.


Caution Life AheadMany of you may know about this fabulous double CD of Australian rock music, but I thought I'd put out a reminder!  My supremely talented brother Rick is a member of the "Hoodoo Gurus" and a teacher of music.  Many years ago he dealt with the problem of heroin addiction with the help of a fantastic place called "The Buttery" situated behind Byron Bay.  Since getting well, Rick has helped "The Buttery" and its operations, and many individuals with their drug and alcohol problems, and this album is a fundraiser to expand the capacity and improve the facilities at The Buttery.  It's a great lineup of artists, and the songs are themed on addiction and recovery.  The money from the CD goes directly to help people in trouble.

Treble ClefLINDA JONES - Eleven (CD)

Linda is a well loved vocalist on the Sunshine Coast, having played at numerous local venues and private functions over the past 17 years.  Her vocal ability has afforded her the opportunity to work Australia-wide during her substantial career.  Over the past 2 years Linda has built a successful vocal studio in Noosa, offering her unique style of teaching to students from 7 to 70.  This talented singer/songwriter has recently completed her first solo album "Eleven".  This album is a compilation of Linda's original songs, each one demonstrating the depth and talent of this wonderful songstress.  The album was produced locally and incorporates the talents of Sunshine Coast musicians.
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