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We love our books, but also enjoy a great movie or TV series (without ads). I am excited to say that we will now be stocking a small range of DVDs, mainly with a literary association, as well as the odd cooking show. Our first ones will include Annabel Langbein's FREE RANGE COOK, FRENCH FOOD SAFARI (Maeve O'Meara), BLACK BOOKS (Definitive Collection), MILLENIUM TRILOGY (3 Stieg Larsson novels plus bonus documentary), DOWNTON ABBEY (Series 1). Put your orders in now for these or others of interest!



Happy reading,

from Annie & Lyn




The Sea, The Sea

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 16th August at 7.30pm, at Shanghai Sally's next door. We will be discussing two books, The Sea, the Sea by Iris Murdoch and Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. Both books are available as Vintage Classics for $12.95 each. You may wish to read just one or both. You may even have these on your bookshelf.


September's book will be Small Island by Andrea Levy (winner of 3 prestigious literary awards). The meeting will be on Tuesday 20th September.


Please let me know in plenty of time if you would like to purchase any of these books.


Ange TakatsLocal songbird and author Ange Takats has been snapped up (numerous times) to appear on the program of the fantastic Byron Bay Writers' Festival this weekend (August 5-7).

Ange will be sitting on three panels, plus performing twice, once at a concert with Paul Kelly, and the other performing solo. Ange has been invited to speak about her journey through self publishing, her wonderful memoir Buffalo Funeral and her experiences as a singer/songwriter. Lucky Byron Bay!


Father's Day Show Dad you love him on Sunday 4th September, with a fabulous book. There are all kinds of books for all kinds of Dads. We are always happy to help you choose just the right thing, and giftwrap, of course.


Penguin Products

Clever Penguin Books has dropped the price of their original Penguin Classics with black covers, down to $9.95.   There is also a new selection of 26 titles being added to the much-embraced range of Popular Penguins, also priced at $9.95.


We are also excited about a whole new range of Penguin mugs. They make a great gift, especially paired with a Penguin book! Or buy one for yourself and look intelligent whilst drinking your morning cuppa!


EVENT Coming up.....

Mountains Belong to the People Who Love Them

LESLEY SYNGE is a Brisbane-based writer who grew up roaming the bush. She is a poet, a teacher, a Buddhist and a mother. Lesley took her son on an adventure to the forests of South Korea and later to our own Gondwana rainforests. Her uniquely flavoured memoir carries the message to "...slow down and walk the earth's wild mountains; it will make us happier and wiser." Mountains Belong to the People Who Love Them is a travel story of adventure, spiritual pilgrimage, a poetic essay and a touching love story. Join Lesley "on the footpath" for a cup of chai and a window into Lesley's world.





TEA & NIBBLES (no alcohol will be served at this event)



Manny and her Tea Cosy Manny Holmes shown here with her magnificent tea cosy inspired by Loani Prior's book, REALLY WILD TEA COSIES

Manny and friends new and old meet for a knit or crochet and a chat each Thursday from 10.30am at SHANGHAI SALLY'S TEA & FURNITURE EMPORIUM (next door).  Share an hour or so of inspiration and creativity, and experience some delicious tea, coffee and light snacks.  It's just GORGEOUS here on a winter morning!



Before The Poison

I have been starting to order books for the busy end of the year, and there is some FANTASTIC stuff on the way!


There's a new stand alone novel from Peter Robinson called Before the Poison. Grace Fox poisoned her husband in 1953. Or did she? She was tried for murder and subsequently hanged. Nearly sixty years later, Chris Lowe's life becomes entangled in Grace's story. (THIS MONTH)


Rick Stein has released a beautifully designed hardcover cookbook to accompany his recent TV series, where he sampled his way through the specialties and hidden treats of around 100 locations throughout Spain. In Rick Stein's Spain he has selected 120 recipes that capture the authentic flavour of contemporary Spain. (NOW)


AlephAleph is the new novel from the author of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho. In this frank and surprising personal story, Coelho's latest novel reveals how a grave crisis of faith caused him to go in search of a path of spiritual renewal and growth. In order to get close to God again, he decided to start over: to travel, to experiment, to reconnect with people and the world. (THIS MONTH)


Tony Park's new novel African Dawn is an August release. Although works of fiction, Tony's stories are often based around true events, and stories gathered during his many extended visits to Africa. Tony's knowledge of Africa, and his passion for the country, its people and its wildlife comes through in his writing. This story involves the conservation of a small herd of endangered black rhino, and the struggle of three families trying to protect the things dear to them. Expect lots of action, a little romance and a great sense of place. (NOW)


Sarah ThornhillSarah Thornhill is the new novel from Kate Grenville. Kate takes us back to the early Australia of The Secret River and the Thornhill family. This is Sarah's story. It's a story of tangled secrets, a story of loss and unlooked-for happiness, and a story about the silent spaces of the past.



September brings Darren Lockyer: the autobiography. Darren has had a career people only dream of - his NRL career has been stellar, and his sporting ability hard to match. This will be a great read for those tinged with either maroon or blue. ($50.00)


September also brings The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, which I have just started to read. It's one of those books which is a guilty pleasure - lots of magic and a fabulous atmosphere. Apparently there has been an option for a film already.


The Jedi PathSTAR WARS: The Jedi Path - With the press of a button, the doors of the protective vault slide open in a wash of light and sound. The inner platform rises, revealing The Jedi Path, Luke Skywalker's training manual, crafted by ancient Jedi masters. This is a very novel gift for Star Wars enthusiasts of all ages. ($100.00 - available October)


WONDERSTRUCK by Brain Selznick

This is a brand new, beautiful book from the man who brought us The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Again, it is a lavishly illustrated hardback novel, suitable for children from 9 years. This is one for the collection. ($35.00 - available October)


AUTUMN LAING by Alex Miller

Alex Miller is a true favourite with all of us, and I am eagerly awaiting this new novel, billed as "...a brilliantly alive, insistently energetic story of love, loyalty and creativity." Can't wait! ($40.00 available October)



John Bell thinks, breathes and interprets Shakespeare every day of his life. With humour, wit and depth, John Bell gives us Shakespeare and his world as you've never read them before. On Shakespeare is a vivid, accessible and vital history of Shakespeare's works, illustrating that these works are as relevant today as when they were written. ($40.00 available October)


There's heaps more!!  


A Monster Calls

A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness & Siobhan Dowd

This novel is suitable for adults and children around 12 upwards. It is a very sad story of a thirteen year old boy whose mother is dying of cancer. Each night Conor is plagued with a recurring, terrifying nightmare, so he expects something disastrous to occur. Eventually a monster calls - but this is not the monster that Conor has been expecting - this one is wise and humorous, relating stories which illustrate an important lesson for Conor to learn. This is a story that celebrates storytelling itself as an ancient and powerful way of imparting a lesson. A Monster Calls is spun from an idea belonging to Siobhan Dowd, whose premature death from cancer prevented her from writing it herself. The book is a delicious hardback, filled with dark, brooding illustrations by Jim Kay.

(Reviewed by Annie)

Once Upon A RiverONCE UPON A RIVER by Bonnie Jo Campbell


From the first sentence Margo Crane had me under her spell.  This underage, feral survivor is a unique and compelling narrator, capturing the reader and holding on tight as she winds through the currents and eddies of her tragic youth.  In the years when a teenager should be enjoying friends, fun and easy times, Margo's life is mainly, if not completely, about simply surviving from day to day, and in any way she can.  She confronts the river and her odyssey with a copy of Annie Oakley's biography, her beloved River Rose and a stolen rifle.  The mythical Stark River that carries Margo on her journey is a character in itself, fertile and ever-flowing, at times offering Margo safety, and at others, peril.  This is a brutal story, set in an unforgiving landscape, but Margo somehow transcends the desperation and cruelty, and leaves the reader with a sense of hope.  


(Reviewed by Annie) DUE SEPTEMBER.


The CasualsTHE CASUALS by Sally Breen


This memoir reads like a novel - in fact I didn't realise that it wasn't fiction until quite a way in. It's a story set in the Puberty Blues world of Australian teenage angst and adventure. Sally Breen grew up in Brisbane and experienced her rite of passage during the years of the 80's and 90's when hairdos were really bad and the needle was rife. Sally dodged her way through these tough and awkward years in a haze of drugs and alcohol, trying to make sense of life without her beloved father. There are some quite confronting and surprising moments, but Sally's voice is honest and unafraid throughout. This is a brave memoir spoken in a witty and wonderful voice.  


(Reviewed by Annie) DUE AUGUST


The Ivory RoseTHE IVORY ROSE - Belinda Murrell


This book delves into the past secrets of an old mansion, starting with an ivory rose pendant. The story is very interesting and an easy read for younger readers as well as young adults. I found that once I started I couldn't put it down, often staying up till the early hours of the morning just to see what would happen next.  Belinda Murrell has entwined mystery and the supernatural to create a fantastic story of friendship and adventure. Beware the ending is not what you expected.  


(Reviewed by Bonnie Lowe.)



All you have to do is email the answer to this question - the first correct one received is the winner.

Q: What is Ange Takat's hobby (singing is her profession), mentioned in some of her autobiographical songs?
The prize a is SIGNED HARBACK copy of Ken Follett's latest novel Fall of Giants. This is a unique and fabulous prize! 

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