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Dear Annie,




"The smallest bookstore still contains more ideas of worth than have been presented in the entire history of television."   


(Andrew Ross: US journalist & author)


My heart goes out to all those affected by the Queensland floods.  Never have I seen such destruction so close to home.  It brings home the fact that we are just the tenants of this planet, not the owners, and at best we have a tenuous grip.  I hope that this disaster will bring out the best in all of us, and that we will all do what we can, be it the smallest offer of assistance.


Happy reading,

from Annie & Lyn


As my customers seem to LOVE the classics, I have ordered a new range from Vintage Classics to tempt you.  They will arrive with the February deliveries.

Vintage Classics

I am often asked - "What do we read when we finish the Stieg Larsson trilogy?"  It's amazing how this series of books has been embraced by the world!  There is quite a bit of crime fiction coming out of Scandinavia, so there are some good titles to try.  I have just discovered Norwegian writer, Jo Nesbo, who has a few books published here.  Start with "The Redbreast" and see if you can stop.  The detective's name is Harry Hole, and I'm sure you'll like him.  These are the first three.....

Jo Nesbo books

I am putting together a very exciting calendar of events for 2011.  There will be some footpath events, and some in other locations.  There will be local and international guests.  Watch out for celebrations for the release of two memoirs from fantastic local identities Jay Bishoff, and Ange Takats, and a wonderful new book & DVD package from Andrew Veivers which will teach you to play flamenco guitar.  Details soon.

The Rhythm Method

Also, for those Africa-philes like myself, there will be a very special day where we show you the beauties of the wonderful continent of Africa with an emphasis on Zimbabwe, which has been as good as closed to tourism over the past 10 years or so.  Zim has now reopened to the world.  I travelled there last year, and encourage you to attend this event and find the truth about this amazing place.  Stay tuned for dates and details.



Sea of PoppiesSEA OF POPPIES by Amitav Ghosh.  This is the first part in the Ibis Trilogy, and we thrilled to announce that the second part, "River of Smoke" will arrive in June.  "Sea of Poppies" is a wonderful book, so give it a try! (Available now)

HAND ME DOWN WORLD by Lloyd Jones.  I loved this novel.  A woman washes ashore in Sicily.  She has come from North Africa to search for her son.  She meets strangers who help and hinder her, and fragments of her life are related through their stories, and make up an intricate tapestry of truths and untruths. (Available now)

FEAR: THE LAST DAYS OF ROBERT MUGABE by Peter Godwin.  This is the third part of Godwin's autobiography, following on from "Mukiwa" and "When the Crocodile Eats the Sun".  Godwin, a journalist and author, was one of few observers to slip into Zimbabwe and bear witness to the terrifying period the Zimbabweans call, simply, "The Fear". (Available now)

DOG WALKS MAN by John Zeaman.  A touching, witty and thought provoking exploration of the metaphysical aspects of the simple dog walk.  (January)

SECRET LIVES OF DRESSES by Erin McKean.  A charming book that reaches out to the fashion conscious with a tale of vintage frocks and new love, perfect for summer reading. (January)

The Sound of a Wild Snail EatingTHE SOUND OF A WILD SNAIL EATING by Elisabeth Tova Bailey.  I admit that the title attracts me, but this sounds like a wonderful memoir.  During a long illness Elisabeth Bailey watches a wild snail that has taken up residence in a pot plant beside her bed.  It saves her sanity.  Intrigued by the snail's world - its midnight wanderings , its strange anatomy, its courtship activities - she becomes a fascinated and amused observer. (February)

13, RUE THERESE by Elena Mauli Shapiro.  A magical and wonderfully inventive debut novel about history, passion and Paris.  (February)

I SHALL NOT HATE by Izzeldin Abuelaish.  The extraordinary life of a Palestinian doctor devoted to medicine and reconciliation - as seen on Foreign Correspondent. (February)

THE LITTLE COFFEE SHOP OF KABUL by Deborah Rodriguez.  A heartwarming novel about a little cafe in Kabul and the five extraordinary women who meet there. (February)

FIVE BELLS by Gail Jones.  An intricate narrative of four lives which chime and resonate.  (February)

SatoriSATORI by Trevanian & Don Winslow. Remember "Shibumi" by Trevanian?  "Shibumi" was a landmark bestseller in 1979 - one of the classic thrillers of the 20th century.  Now Don Winslow returns with the prequel featuring assassin Nicholai Hel.  I'll be reading this one! (March)

SUMMER WITHOUT MEN by Sri Hustvedt.  A wonderfully witty tragicomedy by one the most acclaimed American writers. (March)

LEFT NEGLECTED by Lisa Genova.  I enjoyed " Still Alice" by this author, so will definitely give this a go. (March)

STARMAN by Paul Trynka.  David Bowie is one of our most fascinating stars and one of music's great icons.  He has been famously described as rock's greatest chameleon, and has led an extraordinary life.   This is the definitive biography. (March)

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP by S.J. Watson.  I know that this is still quite a while away, but it sounds like an intriguing novel.  A women wakes in a strange bed beside a man she does not recognise.  In the bathroom she finds a photo of him taped to the mirror, and beneath it the words "Your husband". Sounds like a cracker! (May)
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