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Dear Annie,
It's been chilly, but absolutely gorgeous for much of the winter so far.  There's nothing better than snuggling up with a good book to keep the cool weather at bay!

Noosa LongweekendI had such a great time over the Noosa Longweekend Festival, and I hope that many of you did too.  I made some new friends and had many memorable experiences over the ten days.  I'm very pleased to report that the Festival made budget, which basically means that we earned what we spent - a good result - and that work has already started on the 2010 program.  We're all more than slightly obsessed! 

I will take this opportunity to thank Lyn from the bottom of my heart, for taking the responsibility of the shop whilst I flit off to the Festival and various events.  She is my anchor (and very good friend too!).  Many of you spotted Rachel in the shop whilst she helped Lyn and I over the Festival dates, and we loved having her here with us.  I'm a lucky little bookshop owner!

Happy reading,
from Annie & Lyn 

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Noel Tuckey has been employed as a freelance journalist for motoring and boating magazines since 1976. In the 80's Noel began to include his own photography for the publication of his articles, and  this knowledge and expertise plays an important part in his novel "Thylacine Man". This is a fast  action novel, exploring the hidden world of the Tasmanian Tiger, presumed extinct since 1936. New photographs are taken, deep in the rainforest, and a doubting world is confronted with the impossible. Based on actual events, battles erupt between conservationists, governments and oil barons in a gripping and believable "what if" story.



FREE OF CHARGE - Indication of interest would be appreciated for catering - 5448 2053

Time for Truth 
Antonio Bellino has recently released  "Time For Truth", an amusing, violent and true story.  This is  the story of Brisbane's so called infamous Mafia Don, named by the Fitzgerald Inquiry as one of five  people of interest who were allegedly involved in corrupting the best police force money could buy. 

Tony was accused of involvement in drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, corrupting police, sly grog,  kidnapping, Mafia connections and smuggling birds.  Tony denied it all and was never charged, but is  still waiting for his name to be cleared.   "Time For Truth" chronicles Tony's life from the fifties when  he became a factory worker at age 13, through to his days as a successful nightclub owner. This will  be a colourful and entertaining evening! 



FREE OF CHARGE   indications of interest would be appreciated for catering   5448 2053

Hello Baby!Sally Henderson achieved great success with her wonderful memoir  "Silent Footsteps", which was  her love letter to her elephant herd and the spirit of Africa.  She has now released  "Ivory Moon", the  story of Sally and husband Jer's adventure to an isolated safari camp in the Namib desert, where survival depends on the life-giving fog drifting in from the Skeleton Coast.  Sally writes of the  challenges faced every day by the harsh environment, wildlife and camp politics - a man's domain.  Again, Sally brings the Dark Continent to life in her own unique style.  Catch Sally at the Noosa Library, but book now - this will be a very popular event!! 


WEDNESDAY 12th AUGUST - 6.30pm 

NOOSA LIBRARY - 5442 4411   - Book quickly as numbers are limited! 

$6.00 per person.

Paul MageePaul Magee studied in Melbourne, Moscow, San Salvador and Sydney, and is a Senior Lecturer in  poetry and creative reading at the University of Canberra.  "Cube Root of Book"  is his first volume of  poetry, published in 2006 and shortlisted for the Innovation Award at the 2008 Adelaide Festival  Awards for Literature.  We are delighted that Paul will be visiting us, and entertaining us with  selections of his poetry.  Poetry nights are rare, and Paul will be an exciting guest for us.




NO CHARGE (Indications of interest would be appreciated for catering   5448 2053)

Annie's LogoThere's quite a bit of book news this month.  Firstly there are two releases coming up which are  predicted to be the publishing events of the year, and which may be great choices for Father's Day  on 6th September ....

 On 15th September, the eagerly awaited new novel from Dan Brown will be released.  THE LOST  SYMBOL again features Robert Langdon, and although the plot is being kept secret, we know that  the narrative takes place over a 12 hour period.  We can expect a fast paced page turner.  Book your  copy now. (Friends from my mailing list will receive a 10% discount on the $50.00 hardback price)

Stieg LarssonOn the 1 of October, THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS NEST, the third and final part in the  Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson will be released.  This series has had absolutely incredible global  success, and the third part will certainly be a publishing sensation. Unfortunately these are the only  books that Stieg Larsson wrote before his untimely death, but they are fabulous! There's time to  read the first two, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played With Fire", before  "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest"  is released!

50 Books You Can't Put DownBOOKS ALIVE 2009   The "Books Alive" campaign is a government initiative which has been running since 2001.  It  encourages readers to read one extra book, by offering a free book when any title from the "50  Books You Can't Put Down" guide is purchased.  2 million copies of this guide will be distributed  throughout Australia by bookseller, libraries and various print media.  The books include 26 fiction  titles, 14 non fiction and 10 children's titles.  Two thirds of the books are Australian.  This year  readers who purchase from the Guide can choose either the adult book "Ten Short Stories You Must  Read This Year", a collection of specially commissioned short stories from ten of Australia's leading  authors including William McInnes, Robert Drewe, Peter Temple, Thomas Keneally and more, or the  children's title "Grug Learns To Read"  by Ted Prior.  The "Books Alive" campaign runs from 25th  August to 30th September.  Watch out for television and print advertising.

FINDING YOUR VOICE:  Mary Atkins is the author of "Finding Your Voice", a comprehensive guide to public speaking.  She recently hosted a very enjoyable and successful workshop during the Noosa  Longweekend, and has scheduled a 2 day workshop for August.  Mary is an accredited communication trainer, a prizewinning speaker, event producer and coach, and is offering this  intensive workshop at QCWA Hall on Coolum Terrace.  Learn how create brilliant presentations, and  hold your audience in the palm of your hand.  Contact Mary   0414 690 880 or or just check out the website 


River Wife"This is the story of a river and the making of water and the nature of love.  Some would say that any story of water is always a story of magic, and others would say any story of love was the same...."  This delicious fairy story is enveloped in a gorgeous little hardback.

Review by Lyn
"IN HOVERING FLIGHT" by Joyce Hinnefeld
In Hovering FlightFor those readers who enjoyed "Water for Elephants" and  "The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society", this is a book for you.  It's a beautiful novel about  family, friends, poets, painters and passion, all inspired by the love of birds.  The further I read, the  more I loved it.  I was sad to say goodbye.

"AMERICAN RUST" by Philipp Meyer
American RustTwo young boys in trouble in a beautiful, but economically  devastated Pennsylvania steel town.  This is a novel of redemption and survival, and the loss of the  American Dream.  For lovers of Cormac McCarthy and Richard Ford.

"THE SLAP" by Christos Tsiolkas
The SlapThis multiple prize winner is one of the most popular books around  at the moment.  It's a no holds barred look at Australian society, set in the Greek community of  Melbourne.  I believe there is an 8 part TV series in the making.

The Elegence of the HedgehogSet in Paris, this is a beautifully written, literary  novel which revolves around the lives of the concierge and the tenants in a grand Parisian apartment  building.  This book sold over 1 million copies in France.  There's a new novel from this author to  come in September.

Review by Kali Crofts   age 14
"FRAGILE ETERNITY" by Melissa Marr
Fragile EternityEnter a world of faerie romance with the third mesmerising tale  from Melissa Marr, "Fragile Eternity".  A book of epic fantasy romance I could not put down.   Guaranteed to give "Twilight" a run for its money.  Keep an eye out for the first two books "Wicked  Lovely" (out now) and "Ink Exchange" (September), and for the exclusive premiere of "Fragile  Eternity" in October.

Review by Nicholas Desjardins Age 10
The Book from Baden Dark(3rd part in series, following "The Book Of Lies"  and "Master of The Books")  When a strange squirrel like creature disturbs the quiet tranquillity of  her forest, and her grandfather Long Beard goes missing, Bea calls to Marcel for help.  Meanwhile, in  Noam, Marcel has gotten to the extent of his power, when he receives a message from Bea.  He and  Fergus must travel with Bea to Baden Dark to rescue Long Beard.  But what started as a simple  rescue mission soon turns into a deadly sabotage..... "One thing I liked about is was it made sense  even when I'd forgotten bits of the other two books, so you could read this book first and it would  make sense!  It was the most exciting one of the three books because the thrilling conclusion to the  series reveals secrets that you'd never guess.  One of the most important elements of the story is  that Bea longs to be back with her human friends."
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