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Dear Annie,
What a paradise is Peregian Beach, and all of our little part of the world, in winter!  It's starting to get a bit chilly now, but most of the days are glorious!  We were lucky to have a such a day for our BIGGEST MORNING TEA, which we held to raise money for the Cancer Council. 

Lyn and I were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Peregian traders and publishers for donating so many fantastic prizes for the raffles.  We have so many people to thank for making the day successful and memorable.  Some are - Montville Coffee for donating the coffee machine and their gorgeous coffee, our star barista Robyn, who gave her own time and supreme skills, Sallie and Helen, our genuine imported tea ladies, Leanne, Annah, Kerry, Terry,Cindy, Palmira,  Denis and the hundred bakers!  Most of all, thanks to those who contributed financially, by purchasing tea, coffee and raffle tickets, and helped us achieve the fabulous sum of over $1,600.00.  Big congratualations must go to my friend and trusty sidekick, Lyn, who was relentless in her pursuit of a successful event!   She's already planning next year!

I'm excited!  And I'm self indulgent!  As you all must know by now, I'm travelling off to Africa in August, and coincidentally, have been asked to launch the new book from Tony Park, "The Delta", which is set in Botswana's Okavango Delta, one of my main destinations!  See all the info further into the newsletter, because we've decided to hold an African night, so you can all share in some of the wonderful things Africa has to offer.  Tony is a best selling author, and quite a character - I can't wait!

But wait, there's more.........

Happy reading,
from Annie & Lyn

4 IngredientsIn 2007 these two ladies created a phenomenon when they published  "4 Ingredients", a cookbook jammed with easy, quick recipes, all only using 4 or fewer  ingredients, a cup, a teaspoon and a tablespoon.

Kim and Rachael's project was self funded and self published, as no Australian publisher wanted to know about them.   They have since published "4 Ingredients #2" and "4 Ingredients Gluten Free". Collectively, the books have sold more than 2.5 million copies internationally, outselling  the Donnay Hay and Masterchef brands.  Kim and Rachael are not chefs, they're busy mums who wanted to spend more time with their children, and they created these books to save time and money in the kitchen, without compromising on taste.  It's a wonderful success story!  Spend an interesting, inspirational and fun evening with the girls!

SATURDAY 19th JUNE - 7.00pm

MAROOCHYDORE BAPTIST CHURCH -  186 Wises Road, Maroochydore

COST:  $10.00 per person


Popular PenguinsJuly will bring 75 new titles in the Popular Penguins range.  We all remember the orange and white spines which dominated ours and our parents' shelves, indicating a good taste in reading. 

We think that 75 fantastic new titles being published at once is worth a celebration!  "Penguin Books" and "Annie's Books on Peregian" are throwing a footpath party outside the bookshop, with a little wine and cheese, and the opportunity to win some great Penguin titles.



TUESDAY 29th JUNE - 5.30pm


ENQUIRIES - 5448 2053 or

OkavangoExperience a three course African dinner;  the menu will be created by Matilda Scarfe and Geoff Cohen.  Hear stories of the African wilderness, and be transported to an exotic location at our "Evening in Africa".

THURSDAY 29th JULY - 7.00pm

Trio's on the River

3 course dinner with a glass of wine

(Price to be advised).

The DeltaOur special guest is Tony Park, author of eight very successful books, including two works of non-fiction.  He is the master of African adventure, and his latest novel is "The Delta" set in the magnificent Okavango Delta in Botswana.  Tony draws on real life occurrences and his intimate knowledge of Africa  to create thrillers which transport the reader to places and into situations we can ony dream of.  Tony and his wife spend half their life in Africa, travelling in their Land Rover which is garaged in Johannesburg, and camping in Africa's wilderness.

"The Delta" is an action packed tale of environmental action, civil war, love and betrayal, all set in a exotic wildlife paradise.  Tony says that his initial idea came from the real life proposal some years ago by the Namibian and Angolan governments to dam the Okavango River which flows into the Delta.  This controversial scheme was supposed to provide hydro-electricity to Namibia and Angola, but in the process would destroy the Okavango Delta's fragile ecosystem.  Thankfully, the dam did not go ahead, but Tony has resurrected the story for his new novel.  Tony will be a very entertaining guest, offering something a little different.

MatildaAlso joining us for our "Evening in Africa", and creating an authentic African menu,  is Matilda Scarfe.  Matilda was born in South Africa, and migrated to Australia in 1982.  Her passion for cooking prompted her to open the restaurant "eáfrika" in Maleny, specialising in traditional South African fare.  Her customers encouraged her to produce a range of gourmet products, using these traditional recipes.  They proved to be very popular and "Gourmet Afrika" products are now distributed all over Australia.  Matilda expanded her range to take home meals, and expanded her life to take Gourmet Safaris to South Africa and cooking classes at Buderim Ginger Factory.
Matilda divulges some of her secrets in her cookbook "Cooking  For Pleasure", a collection of easy recipes for everyday family cooking or entertaining.  She also gives you hints of how to experiment with your cooking style, and ENJOY your cooking.  On this night you can enjoy Matilda's gourmet fare from the "Trio's" kitchen, under the guidance of Matilda and owner/chef Geoff Cohen.


Bookings essential - 5448 2053 or

ButterflyBUTTERFLY  by Sonya Hartnett - This is a crossover (teenage/adult) novel about the excruciating period of puberty.  Beautifully, sparely written - I loved it.  "The Big Issue" review states...."Hartnett's prose is breathtakingly good....Will make adult female readers shiver with gladness at being all grown up."

BOOK OF LOST THREADS by Tess Evans - A tender, funny and memorable book about love and loss, parents and children, hope, faith and the value of simple kindness.

AT HOME: A SHORT HISTORY OF PRIVATE LIFE  by Bill Bryson - Another modern classic from Bryson.  In this one he examines the history of our households, where history begins and ends.  "The history of household life isn't just a history of beds and sofas and kitchen stoves, as I had vaguely supposed it would be, but of scurvy and guano and the Eiffel Tower and bedbugs and body-snatching and just about everything else that has ever happened".

THE THOUSAND AUTUMNS OF JACOB DE ZOET by David Mitchell -  I just loved "Cloud Atlas", and am dying to sink my teeth into this one.  It will be a good one for book clubs and lovers of good literature.

GUNSHOT ROAD  by Adrian Hyland - A gritty Australian crime novel set in the harsh world of the outback aboriginal communities, featuring newly appointed Aboriginal Community Police Officer, Emily Tempest, "small, black and snaky as a taipan's tooth".

INNOCENT by Scott Turow - Years ago, one of my favourites (before crime fiction became so mainstream) was "Presumed Innocent", and we have finally got a sequel to that fantastic novel.  Turow is a master.

BLOOD ON MY HANDS: A SURGEON AT WAR - Craig Jurisevic - I have had great reviews regarding this memoir of an Australian surgeon who offered his skills to the victims of conflict in Kosovo after Milosevic's "ethnic cleansing".  It is truly a descent into the "heart of darkness",  soon to be made into a film.

THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO  - Patrick Ness.  This is the first part of a teenage trilogy called "Chaos Walking", and it's been a long time since a thriller captivated me like this one.  It's a true page turner, and I can't wait to read the next part! (All three parts have been published).
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