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June 2012

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Biggest Morning TeaWe are very proud to report that the money raised for the Cancer Council at our Biggest Morning Tea excelled last year's takings. We had around 150 people on the footpath eating, drinking and enjoying the wonderful community atmosphere of Peregian Beach Village.


If you couldn't make it or even if you could, there is a brief taste of the atmosphere in a short video on our News Page >> 


Congratulations and thanks must go to Lyn Hay, who works tirelessly each year for this fundraiser - she should be very proud of such an impressive result. Ryan, Shane and Ben from Shanghai Sally's Tea & Furniture Emporium (next door) also worked harder than ever, serving tea and coffee, all of which was donated by owner Ryan O'Rourke.


Again, our local traders and our book suppliers contributed over 40 prizes for our raffle, and our community baked a massive variety of cakes and biscuits for the goodies table. Thank you for all donations big and small - everything contributed to making the day a great success.


Each year a small group of workers offer up their services selling morning tea tickets and raffle tickets around the Village, and helping to set up for the event. We are so grateful for their valuable help and constant enthusiasm. They are .... Kerry, Annah, Palmira, Lilli and Denis.


I must also particularly thank the local wild knitting group who yarnbombed the stanchions out the front of the shop under the cover of darkness. There should me more of this type of graffiti!!


Biggest Morning Tea  has another a write-up and another great video of the day. 


At the risk of repeating myself, I want to acknowledge the support of my community of Peregian Beach (and further afield) and stress just how grateful I am to wake up and come to work here each day!   It's truly the very best place to be.


Happy reading,

from Annie & Lyn


CLOSER TO STONE - Simon Cleary


Closer To Stone

This is Simon Cleary's second novel. His first, Comfort of Figs, was a best seller, and there's no question that this book will be equally as popular; it has attracted excellent reviews in the recent big weekend papers' literary pages.  


Closer to Stone is largely set in Algeria, North Africa, where a young Australian man has gone to join the peacekeeping forces of the UN. This young man disappears, and his brother goes off in search of him. As the brother enters the war-torn desert interior, what he finds is not what he expected, and this results in shocking consequences for him, his brother and ultimately, the Western world. It's a beautifully written, powerful story about the intricacies of family, with a thrilling storyline and an absolutely wonderful sense of place. We are very excited to be welcoming a writer of the calibre of Simon Cleary.


THURSDAY 7th JUNE 6.00pm
THIS IS A FREE EVENT (Enquiries 5448 2053)

BELOVED - Annah Faulkner 

The BelovedAnnah Faulkner

Annah Faulkner is a local author and long time friend of Lyn and I. We are so proud (but not so surprised!) of Annah for winning the Queensland Premier's Literary Award for Emerging Queensland Writer in what has turned out to be the final of these coveted awards. Lyn and I both read Annah's manuscript of The Beloved and loved this wonderful story which moves from Australia to vibrant, tropical post-colonial Port Moresby, following the story of Roberta (Bertie) Lightfoot. We both know it will be a popular title in Annie's Books once it is released in July.


The release of The Beloved deserves a big celebration, so we are doing just that, on the footpath at Annie's Books. Please join us and meet Annah, who will talk about the book and about her journey via the awards process, to publication.


WEDNESDAY 4th JULY - 6.00pm

ON THE FOOTPATH - (wear something warm)


THIS IS A FREE EVENT (Enquiries 5448 2053 or




Later in the year we will be holding an event with the bestselling author KIM WILKINS (alias Kimberley Freeman) when she launches her new novel.




We all know that Peregian Beach is full of dark horses - people who have achieved success and who choose to quietly live amongst us mere mortals.


I recently met Graeme Summers, who, after a bit of prodding, told me that he was a published author of ten books. Graeme lives on the beach at Peregian, and has done so for many years. This is what he told me about himself....


"My wife, Barbara, and I live on the beachfront in South Peregian and have absolutely loved being there every day for 33 years. I write for Cengage Learning Australia and have done for sixteen years. All my books (10 so far) are technical textbooks mainly aimed at IT courses in the secondary school. They sell all over Australia and New Zealand. I have seen my titles turn up on Amazon in the US and the UK so I'm presuming there's a few that have gone beyond these shores.


My latest was released in April this year and is titled "Programming apps for the iPhone". It's also aimed at IT courses in the secondary school (Years 10-12), any course that has a programming component. I'm particularly delighted that this one is not only in full colour (my first) but it is also released as an eBook (also a first for me)."


If anyone is interested in obtaining more details about this book and other titles of mine then go to: - and of course Graeme's books are available to order through Annie's Books.




For those who haven't discovered Sharyn Kerrigan's blog, have a look - I look forward to my (almost) daily photograph and piece of Peregian Beach news - there's always something interesting, or at least a beautiful local image to help us to remember why we live in this little piece of paradise! Have a look and subscribe.

Leopard in Tree

I have been (not so secretly) planning another trip to Africa, and am very excited to say that it's all going ahead. Lyn and Palmira will look after my treasured shop, as they do so well.   I will be gone from mid July for three weeks, and will be primarily visiting the northern part of Zimbabwe. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I will be travelling with author-become-friend Sally Henderson, author of Silent Footsteps and Ivory Moon, two African memoirs. Sally will be researching her new African novel whilst we're travelling - another first experience for me! Life is grand.

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