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February 2016

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Dear Annie,

Christmas has come and gone, as has 2015, another great year!

Our bestsellers through the Christmas frenzy were RECKONING by Magda Szubanski, A LITTLE LIFE by Hanya Yanagihara, ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr, all of Elena Ferrante's "Neopolitan" novel series, THE LAKE HOUSE by the lovely Kate Morton, MAGGIE SMITH by Michael Coveney, BIG BLUE SKY by Peter Garrett, FLESH WOUNDS by Richard Glover, THE NATURAL WAY OF THINGS by Charlotte Wood - to name a few.

We appreciate the kind support of our Peregian Beach community and all of wonderful customers who chose to shop with us yet again. We are proud and grateful to be entering our 8th year, thanks to you! Of course I couldn't possibly do it alone, so I am also so very grateful to Rachel and Palmira for their hard work and passion. I'm very lucky to have them!


We thoroughly enjoyed our recent evening with TIM HEARD, author of the bestselling AUSTRALIAN NATIVE BEE BOOK. Judging by the interest of the audience, and the fantastic book sales it has achieved since release, we expect that our area will soon be teeming with these little critters.

Happy Reading...
Annie, Rachel & Palmira.

Tim Heard
Tim Heard


 SHELLEY DAVIDOW - Whisperings in the Blood 

Shelly Davidow  
Lithuania, 1913. Haunted by memories of the pogroms, Jacob Frank leaves his village in the hope of a better life, and boards a ship bound for New York. Twenty-five years later, his daughter Bertha sets sail for South Africa to marry a man she has never met, unaware of the tumult that lies ahead. In time, her granddaughter Shelley, following those very steps in reverse, flees the violence of apartheid to live in America, before at last finding home in Australia.

These immigrant voyages, repeated from one generation to the next, form the heart of this richly layered memoir. Drawing on her grandmother's diary and letters, Shelley Davidow tells her family's stories in vivid detail, recounting their experiences of love and loss alongside her own. As she learns about the past, Shelley discovers that her aspirations and fears, her dreams and nightmares, echo those of her forebears as ancestral whisperings in the blood.

Spanning four continents and one hundred years, this extraordinary book explores the heartache and emotional legacies of those who leave their homelands forever.

This will be Shelley's 40th book! Most of her writing has been for children and young adults, along with a delicious memoir titled "Eye of the Moon".



Fat RabbitFat Rabbit is a character I created in my own childhood.  He was a simple line drawing who started out on the inside of my wardrobe door at home.  At his core he represents a set of family values and a warm loving presence.  He lives on Carrot Top Island and in the hearts I leave behind.
Last year, at age 58 Wayne Patterson was diagnosed with terminal Motor Neuron Disease and was given 2 - 5 years.  There is no cure or effective treatment for MND - it attacks the body but leaves the mind intact.  Wayne's greatest regret is that he won't grow old with future grandchildren, and share stories with them that he shared with his own children.  Wayne's voice is almost gone, so Fat Rabbit will take his place to tell the stories.  This is the first book from Wayne.  A major portion of books sales will go to Motor Neuron research.

INGA SIMPSON - Where the Trees Were 

Inga Simpson Where the Trees Were
A beautiful new novel about the innocence of childhood and the scars that stay with you for life, from the award winning author of MR WIGG
and NEST.
'All in?' Kieran pulled me up, and the others followed. We gathered around the bigger tree. No one asked Matty - he just reached up and put his right hand on the trunk with ours.

Kieran cleared his throat. 'We swear, on these trees, to always be friends. To protect each other - and this place.'
Finding those carved trees forged a bond between Jay and her four childhood friends and opened their eyes to a wider world. But their attempt to protect the grove ends in disaster, and that one day on the river changes their lives forever.

Seventeen years later, Jay finally has her chance to make amends. But at what cost? Not every wrong can be put right, but sometimes looking the other way is no longer an option.
THURSDAY 14th APRIL - 6.00pm

MARISHA McAULIFFE - Through the Colour Lens

MARISHA McAULIFFE _ Through the Colour Lens
Colour is used to adorn and decorate and many have tried to find an organisational system that could concretely states how colour is to be used correctly. In this book Marisha McAuliffe examines the concept of colour and its uses for those who design professionally or those who simply want to appreciate the complexities of colour. It examines light and contrast, and explains the pitfalls that are to be avoided in colour design. The book explores different concepts relating to, and including, colour history, systems and theories, requirements for a colour-based design project, research, and generation of colour schemes so as to create optimal experiences for colour in architecture, interior architecture and design. To fully understand colour, the book ventures into its scientific and 'non-scientific' elements compiling key points about its many characteristics. Taken together, this book is a compressive guide for those who seek to work with colour and to tap its enormous potentials for design effect. Marisha is also the author of The Perception of Light.

The Perception of Light

This will be a particularly interesting event for architects and designers.


In store 22nd MARCH      

The Treehouse Fun Book Plunge into the crazy world of the bestselling Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton in an activity book like no other as Andy, Terry and Jill bring you all their favourite treehouse things to do: create your own treehouse levels; create your own ice-cream flavours; write to do lists; write to don't lists; draw yourself with Andy, Terry and Jill; spot the differences; find your way out of the Maze of Doom; search for words and answer treehouse trivia; invent, uninvent...

IN STORE - JULY 31st, 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child New Harry Potter??? Yes, but with a difference. This story is set 19 years after the previous books - Harry is an adult, and a father - and an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic. This book is based on a new story, the eighth in the series by J.K. Rowling, but it is the official script, written for performance by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.   This will be the first Potter story to be presented on stage - the production opens in July.

COMING IN OCTOBER - A new book from Tim (and maybe Tim too!!)

TIM WINTON - The Boy Behind the Curtain
TIM WINTON _ The Boy Behind the Curtain A collection of nineteen brilliant pieces of short nonfiction, nine of which have not been previously published. A mix of memoir and essay, they're as beautiful and in­sightful as we'd expect of Winton, and many are also surprisingly revelatory.
The Boy Behind the Curtain will enthral Tim's legion of fans with insights to his life and the inspiration behind his writing.

The essays cover landscape, the natural world, wildlife conservancy - subjects long associated with Tim and on which he has no writing peer in this country. So richly de­tailed are they that even those you've read before (they've appeared variously in The Monthly, The Bulletin, Good Weekend, Granta, New Statesman, among other places) read as though you're coming to them for the first time.
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